Thoughts & Inspirations

cancer, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, grief, loss, coaching, connection, resiliency




My story is your story.
It is a story of hope and fear and loss and love.

It is the story of learning from my own life experiences, my work, and my coach training
to propel me into this new and meaningful work.

I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother.
I am a Registered Nurse who has spent the largest part of my 30-year career devoted to caring for people
with life threatening illnesses, and at the end of life. Most of my experience is with  children, and the parents who love them.

I am resilient.

I am the mother of a childhood cancer survivor and
have endured the loss of both parents and a sister.

I am resilient.

I have weathered the storms of alcohol and drug addiction of family members,
and been present as cancer has touched and taken the lives of family members and dear friends.

I am resilient.

I am hopeful my work with you will not only inform but also transform your experience, your work, and your life.

You are resilient.

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