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Tell me what will you do with your one wild and precious life.

Mary Oliver

On Saturday, October 8. 2016, a Woman’s retreat set at the beautiful and serene Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth Washington. The height of fall colors will welcome you riverside and famous October fest will be just down the road if you choose. All meals prepared by the Sleeping Lady’s highly acclaimed. King Fisher Restaurant and are included in the retreat price.


Retreat Content

1. Explore your self-awareness by learning The Seven Levels of Energy ™ and how they relate to your behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes. Self-aware individuals act consciously rather that react passively to people, events, and circumstance in their lives. Gaining greater clarity about how you show up in the world is an essential step to fully realizing your purpose, power, and your ultimate happiness.


2. Imagine how your life would be if you welcomed every part of yourself with kindness, Learn specific practices that will literally change the neuropathways in your brain that have become your negative habits of mind. This is the Transformational Power of Self-Compassion. Love yourself = Change your life.


My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which have never happened.

Mark Twain

3. How many minutes/hours/days of your life have you given up to fear based thinking? Like Mark Twain, we all do it. Sometimes, before we even know it, we have created a scenario in our minds that hold us captive and can even cause us to think and act against our best interest.
Learn a step-by-step process that frees you from this kind of thinking and creates an internal sense of calm. Experience how we can learn to soothe our self-created storms and how our thoughts are not the boss of us!


Lodging and Accommodations:

Room  reservations can be made directly with the Sleeping Lady Resort  

Single: 165.00

Bring a friend/Share a room: 82.50 each

All rooms have three beds. 


Retreat Facilitators:

Michelle Frost, RN, CPC, ELI-MP

and Leslie Adams, MSW, CSD





Click Here to Register for retreat

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