Life Transitions


Mail AttachmentLife Transitions and Coaching

Unique to the human experience is life changes. Everyone goes through them. Some life change is amazing, magnificent and life giving, while others are experienced as traumatic, devastating and confusing.

Life changes that are  unexpected may include endings: divorce, loss of job, life altering injury. Others are expected, known and typical, perhaps even welcomed: retirement, moving and empty nest.  Nevertheless, your resiliency and ability to flex given the current situation is being called upon in a way you have not experienced before.

Here is the good news. You know something about yourself that if not for this life experience, this transition, you could never have known without it. While you are experiencing the end of one chapter in your life, you are stepping into the next, and the answers to how you will get from where you are now to where you want to be, lie within.

Imagine taking the time you need right now to craft the life you want, to fill in those blank pages with possibility. What if your life was suddenly not about endings but all about new beginnings? Changes you are now deeply motivated to make.

Coaching during life transitions is a dynamic process of brainstorming, fine tuning, goal setting and inspiring life exploration.

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