rocksjpegCoaching and Grief

When someone you love has died, you are changed at the deepest level. The lens you see the world through has changed as well. Coaching is a process to help you uncover and explore what you need most now, as you contemplate your life and  step into your future.

While it is important that the coach know and understand fully the client’s experience as it relates to their grief and loss, it is not the primary focus of coaching sessions. Coaching focuses on today and the future. It is an active approach, designed to create substantial, concrete, and positive change.

Coaching is focused on the restorative tasks of the grieving process. While the primary loss is the death of a loved one, there are many secondary losses or side effect losses the client has endured as a result of the death. The change they seek may be related to some of those secondary losses. For example: an individual may have experienced loss as it relates to their lifestyle, routine or relationships. Life now may include adapting to a new role, managing changes, developing new ways of connecting with family, friends and community. Essentially cultivating a new way of life. These losses and the resultant goals are unique to each client, expressed and driven by the client.

Through compassionate dialogue and a series of conversations/sessions, the coach helps the client to maintain focus on their needs, desires and their life enhancing goals. Together,  the coach and client devise specific and tangible steps to meet those goals.

Coaching holds a unique place in the grief process. It is not a replacement for traditional grief therapy. It can be an adjunct to therapy or used when traditional grief therapy has concluded. It is usually best if a client is at least a year out from the death of their loved one.

If you have lived through the unimaginable loss of someone you love, and you feel ready to continue your healing process through focusing  on the now and your future, Resiliency Coaching is right for you.

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