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A Little Rif on Trust

Coming from a place of love: I was thinking about trust today. Trust is such a funny thing. We trust our intuition, we dont trust our government, we trust the work will get done, we trust God, we dont trust politicians. We trust and we dont trust. We can be on either side of the

Sep 04, 2015 Admin

Where’s Heaven – Part 2 Relapse

As Published on the Huffington Post The only thing that was worse than having my child diagnosed with cancer, was the shattered belief that it was cured. Insidiously, it came marching back. Even at four Lexi loved to shop. Standing in a kitchen store, her hands placed insistently on her hips, she was begging for

Jun 09, 2015 Admin

A Little Girl Asks, Where is Heaven? part I

My daughter was diagnosed with high-risk leukemia, 4 months shy of her second birthday. It was difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that this happy, pink-toenail-polish wearing toddler, could possibly have cancer. Carpools and T-Ball practice, which once ruled my schedule had now been replaced by something called a roadmap. A roadmap, that

Feb 12, 2015 Admin
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